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Norwalk Soccer Club - Norwalk, Iowa

Club Rules

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Norwalk Soccer Club
Rules and Regulations
Effective 12-28-2016

Team Formation: 
1.1   The Norwalk Soccer club intends a team roster size of:

6U: minimum 4 players; maximum 6 players
7U: minimum 4 players; maximum 6 players
8U: minimum 4 players; maximum 6 players
9U: minimum 9 players; maximum 12 players
10U: minimum 9 players; maximum 12 players
11U: minimum 11 players; maximum 16 players
12U: minimum 11 players; maximum 16 players
13U: minimum 11 players; maximum 18 players
14U: minimum 11 players; maximum 18 players
15U: minimum 11 players; maximum 18 players
16U: minimum 11 players; maximum 18 players
17U: minimum 11 players; maximum 18 players
18U: minimum 11 players; maximum 18 players
19U: minimum 11 players; maximum 18 players

*For U12 and above to offer more touches on the ball and better player development, the NSC limits the teams to 15 players but with NSC and coach approval, 18 may be on a team.

1.2   Coaches are randomly assigned players based on player’s age group as defined by U.S. Youth Soccer. 

1.3  Each team will have one coach with no more than three assistant coaches.

1.4  Siblings or children residing in the same household and are in the same age bracket will be assigned to the same team unless a request is made for different teams.

1.5  An individual request to move up requires board approval.

1.6  In tournament situations, the formation of the tournament roster is up to the discretion of the coach and must follow the rules of Iowa Soccer and the tournament.

1.7  The NSC will form and approve Level 1 and Level 2 teams at the discretion of the Board.

2.1 Schedules
7U and 8U: scheduled by West Des Moines Soccer Club (WDMSC)
9U and above: scheduled by Iowa Soccer Association

2.2 Cancellations
Referees will hold the sole responsibility of canceling a match once both teams are present or after the match has begun.  Prior to that, coaches hold cancellation responsibility.  Director of fields ultimately decides playability of the fields before the game starts.

2.3   Rescheduling
Coaches are responsible for canceling and rescheduling in the event of bad weather or tournament play.  The Director of Referees, who will be notified by the coach, will do rescheduling of referees.


4.1 Registration fees/late fees – set by the Board and listed on registration forms.

4.2   Documents required for registration
        - registration form
- birth certificate
- medical consent release form

4.3   Registration refund
Refund (minus Iowa Soccer Association and Norwalk Parks & Rec fees) when requested if player cannot play in any scheduled matches. (i.e. injury, moves from area)

5.1   Fees – Board’s discretion (will be set each year due to increases)

5.2   Time of payment – will be determined by the board.

5.3   The NSC will pay for referee upgrades with prior board approval.

Out of state travel:
6.1   Any team traveling out of state needs to contact Iowa Soccer Association for purposes of insurance, sanction, etc.

7.1   Uniform style and color will be determined by the board of directors or a committee appointed by the board.  The board of directors has final approval authority.  All uniforms will comply with relevant league or Iowa Soccer Association guidelines.

7.2   Availability of where to purchase uniforms will be determined by the board of directors.

Section 8:
8.1   Eligibility includes players residing in Norwalk and surrounding communities.

8.2   Teams are formed based on the player’s age group based on birth year– any requests to move up require Board approval.

2016 – 2017 Player Date of Birth Chart (updated each year)
19U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/98 – 12/31/98
18U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/99– 12/31/99
17U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/00 – 12/31/00
16U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/01 – 12/31/01
15U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/02 – 12/31/02
14U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/03 – 12/31/03
3U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/04 – 12/31/04
12U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/05 – 12/31/05
11U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/06 – 12/31/06
10U teams:     Birthdates        1/1/07 – 12/31/07
9U   teams:     Birthdates        1/1/08 – 12/31/08
8U   teams:     Birthdates        1/1/09 – 12/31/09
7U   teams:     Birthdates        1/1/10 – 12/31/10
6U   teams:     Birthdates        1/1/11 – 12/31/11

8.3   Multiple rostering will be handled on an individual basis.

9.1   NSC encourages volunteers – will be represented on registration form.

Discipline Actions – Discipline/Grievance Committee:
10.1  The Discipline/Grievance Committee shall be appointed by the Board.  There shall be a minimum of one board member and two non-board members on this committee.

10.2  Each player is responsible for his or her own behavior during practices, league games, tournaments and team outings.  As a representative of the Norwalk Soccer Club, the player is expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and to avoid unsportsmanlike or disrespectful behavior which includes, but is not limited to, swearing, angry gestures, behavior that might endanger the safety of the player or those around him, ingestion of drugs or alcoholic beverages, illegal slides or tackling and any other behavior deemed inappropriate by a coach or referee.

10.3  Parents are responsible for the conduct of their child/player and for their own conduct during practices, league games, tournaments and team outings.  Parents are encourages to work with in the event their child/player is identified by the coach as engaging in inappropriate behavior that indicated the need for discipline.

10.4  Referees are responsible for their own behavior and are expected to exhibit sportsmanlike behavior when representing the NSC.

10.5  Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players, parents and spectators at practices and games.  Coaches are encouraged to follow a progressive discipline policy with verbal reprimands to players and to parents if the players do not respond.  If verbal reprimands are not successful, the coach may proceed to other forms of discipline, including but not limited to, cutting playing time, game suspension and removing the player from the team.  Coaches should attempt to work with parents through a discipline problem and inform parents when a child is subject to a more serious form of discipline.  Coaches should document discipline problems and attempts by the coach to resolve the problems.

10.6  A player, parent, coach or referee who has tried, without success to work through a discipline problem with a coach, referee or parent, may contact any member of the Discipline/Grievance Committee and request the committee to review the discipline problem.  The committee may initiate a disciplinary review if the majority of the committee members agree.

10.7  Once the committee receives a request to conduct or initiate a disciplinary review, the committee or its designated members, will conduct an investigation into the disciplinary problem.  The committee will prepare and submit to the Board its findings of fact and its recommendations.

10.8  The Board is ultimately responsible for any action and may accept, modify or reject the recommendations of the committee.

10.9  There may be an appeal to Iowa Soccer Association.          

Coaches code of ethics an conduct:
11.1  Coaches are responsible for onfield conduct of players and parents including both physical and verbal conduct.  Coaches should strive to teach good sportsmanship and build self esteem.

11.2  No profane or abusive conduct toward parents, players, or referees.  Reported violations will be investigated by the Board

11.3  Decision by referee is final.  Questions can be brought up to the referees attention after the match is over or may be brought up to the Director of Referees.

11.4  Coaches and players are encouraged to shake hands with the opponents after each match

12.1  The referee shall be the final authority as to what constitutes equipment, which would be unsafe to another player.  The following are offered as guidelines to promote consistency:

a.     Field players must be uniform in attire.
b.     Jersey must be kept tucked inside the shorts at all times.
c.     Garments worn under the shorts or jersey must be of matching colors the same as the shorts or jersey.
d.     No head bands, bandannas, barrettes or other hard surfaced or pointed hair control devices.
e.     No hard visored or protective head-gear is allowed for any player.  This includes goalkeepers.
f.      No jewelry.
g.     No necklaces or other ornamental devices worn around the neck excepting religious medals and medical alert medals and these must be taped to the inside of the player’s uniform.
h.     No ornaments may be pinned to the uniform or player’s equipment, nor may any ornaments be used which protrude from the normal surface of the uniform.
i.      No protective devices for joints may be used without sufficient padding to render them harmless to other players.
j.      Shoes with metal cleats, or cleats with posts exposed shall be checked for jagged and sharp edges by running the flat of the hand over them.  All shoes must meet FIFA requirements.
k.     In 35 degree or lower weather, players will be allowed to wear mittens, gloves, stocking caps, sweats or running tights.  Sweats or running tights must be work under the jersey and shorts and must be of the approximate same color of the uniform.

Contributions to individual teams:
13.1  The club shall not give contributions to individual teams for tournament play.

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